Lynne Ancien-Ronen


Thursday, September 29, 2011 Testimonial from The Kloster Family:

Lynne Ronen was a blessing to work with. We no longer reside in California, and she graciously helped us through the successful short sale process from long distance, sight unseen!

We tried getting a hold of several other realtors, none of which would answer the phone or return our calls. Lynne saw that I had called and phoned me back immediately. She was proactive with all our questions and worked effectively and seamlessly with the difficult and cumbersome process of short sales. She is short sale savvy and efficient and patient in explaining about short sales.

Selling a home can be disconcerting and Lynne really made it easy!

Thank you From The Klosters!

Testimonial from The Dinicola Family:

Lynne and Dannial,

The winning RONEN team that never sleeps: you want to have them on your side!

The day we put an offer on the house we now own, Lynne had just come back from an intercontinental flight the night before and managed to have us visit a lot of houses before we made our decision and put the offer on the same day.

Then the fun began: we figured we needed our entire banking education to be adapted to the US, as we are foreign nationals and first time home buyers. But there is no reason to be scared when you have the best teachers in town, right? They would spend hours leading us through all the paperwork for the offer, then for the loan, the disclosures, the escrow, the contingencies, … again Lynne and Dannial were here to make everything go smoothly. We ended up wondering when they were sleeping as they would answer text messages or emails at 1:00am!

We are SO grateful to Lynne and Dannial, they are extremely proactive, and even more patient, THEY ARE JUST THE BEST TEAM EVER!!

Thanks for your clever advices and your amazing professionalism.

Pascale and Jean-Michel, Livermore, CA

To Lynne’s prospective clients:

We had a great experience using Lynne as our realtor, and have no hesitation in recommending her services. Lynne was always extremely responsive to all our enquiries, and was proactive in preparing for upcoming deadlines and keeping the process flowing smoothly as we moved through our FHA loan process. Lynne was effective in injecting urgency as necessary to keep the process moving along. Lynne helped us identify and acquire a suitable bank-owned property and supported us through making an offer and getting it accepted. Our property appraised for 15% more than our offer price, so we’re pleased that we picked up a bargain. 

Thanks you Lynne! From The Chesneys

Testimonial from Misha Vaughan:

“Lynn is the best real estate professional I’ve worked with to date for investment properties. The Bay Area is a tough place to hunt for good investment properties. Lynn was fantastic at uncovering opportunities that were completely on target for our investment goals. She was fast, professional, and completely committed to a successful close.”-Misha Vaughan

Testimonial from Arlene and Bennett Xavier:

We wanted to say thank you for everything. Purchasing and selling a home is simply stressful and you and Dannial guided us through this process effectively and efficiently. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a home and/or simply wants to refinance. Your proactiveness, response time and knowledge of the livermore area is simply outstanding.

Bennett and Arlene Livermore, CA

Testimonial from The Lim Family

“Lynne Ronen is someone you can trust. When my husband and I met Lynne for the first time, she was very warm hearted and welcoming. It was like we’ve known her for many years. Lynne listens, provides advice and is very, very outgoing. Lynne is HONEST and very friendly. We were able to describe the house we dreamed of and she was able to search all over to meet our needs. Lynne is a very hardworking women, day and night, we were able to get a hold of her and she was always there to answer our questions. She had found us a home within a couple of weeks and we fell in love with the house the first time we saw it. We made an offer right away but we came across a problem. There was a conflict with the offer and the loan. My husband and I gave up on buying a new home, it was too frustrating and it took too much time. Lynne, gave us hope and told us not to worry about it and that she was going to take care of it. We trusted her and she was able to find another company to work with us and sure enough, we got a loan and our offer was accepted within DAYS. Now, that’s what I’m talking about with HARDWORKING. Lynne is great at what she does. She is dedicated and very passionate about her clients and her job. If you are looking for a home and you want the very best to work with you, Lynne Ronen is the way to go.” Thank you Lynne for all that you have done, we couldn’t be any more pleased with what you have provided for us. You are truly the best. The Lim Family

Testimonial from Kerry O’Grady (Purchased a Brentwood Home) September 18, 2009

Lynne was our third real state agent. We had been looking for a home since late January and was referred to Lynne in mid-July. We came to Lynne feeling as though we may never find a home and that our hopes of being homeowners were almost obsolete. Lynne and Dannial assured us that they would find us a home and help make our dreams of being homeowners come true while staying in our price range. Less then two weeks later Lynne had found us a wonderful house and as we tried not to get our hopes up Lynne and Dannial were so excited for us. Our offer was excepted. During escrow we encountered many obstacles which Lynne, Dannial and their amazing team worked endlessly, hard long hours and went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that we were able to close escrow and become first time homeowners. They were always available to take our phone calls, answer e-mails and of course spent some extra time explaining the process to us. Today we are standing in front of our amazing new home that we would not have today if it was not for Lynne, Dannial and their team. Thank you so much for all of your time hard work and efforts. Our dream would not have been fulfilled without you. 
Kerry and Jerry

Testimonial from Jerry Cain ( Purchased a Brentwood Home as a First time Home Buyer) September 18, 2009

In many people’s lives, there comes a time when they need to expand their horizons and accomplish one of America’s Biggest Dreams as an American. That dream is to be a home owner. It is in this testimonial that I will express my thoughts in that sense.

Let me start by saying that it has been an odyssey. You see, I have been looking for a home since January of 2009. I wanted to get in on the advantage of being a first time home buyer because the market was struggling and I had a feeling that I can finally accomplish getting a home that I wanted for many years. Well, I did find a realtor but this realtor did not make me a priority from the perspective of my fiancé and I. This realtor may have had strengths for some people but did not have the right qualities for me. I felt that the original agent I had was pushing me off and was not showing me enough customer service. The agent would keep making comments like “The Market is not right for you yet” and then push us out weeks at a time. So clearly, I needed to make a change in agents.

Then I came across Lynne Ronen and her husband Dannial Ronen. Going into this deal I was uncertain because of the bad experience I had before. However, I gave it another try. Thankfully, I made the right choice. You will probably never find a more resourceful, cheerful, passionate and friendly Real Estate Agent like, Lynne Ronen. Her demeanor was incredible. Her leads were impeccable and her assertiveness was exactly what a First Time home buyer needed. Her husband was equally as impressive and helped me and Kerry out tremendously with setting up the loan and directing us through every step of the way.

There were speed bumps Kerry & I ran into but the “Ronen Tag Team” got us through them. Lynne Ronen also went out of her way to insure that this deal worked with helping me get through ID Fraud. Sadly, I was a victim of Fraud but that didn’t stop the Ronen Tag Team. They assisted me in getting through it. They also had a great middle man to help talk to me, Ronen Tag Team, Escrow Officer and of course the creditors. I swear that you will have a hard time finding anyone this great in this business.

Testimonial from Arlene and Bennett Javier (Sold a previous home and Purchased a larger home in Livermore) August 5, 2009


We wanted to say thank you for everything. Purchasing and selling a home is simply stressful and you and Dannial guided us through this process effectively and efficiently. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a home and/or simply wants to refinance. Your proactiveness, response time and knowledge of the livermore area is simply outstanding.
Bennett and Arlene Livermore, CA

Testimonial from Misha Vaughn and Jeremy Ashley (Purchased Investment properties in Livermore) July 23, 2009

“Lynn is the best real estate professional I’ve worked with to date for investment properties. The Bay Area is a tough place to hunt for good investment properties. Lynn was fantastic at uncovering opportunities that were completely on target for our investment goals. She was fast, professional, and completely committed to a successful close.”

Testimonial from Tony Lafon (Purchased a home in Livermore as a first time home buyer)
December 24, 2008

Dear Lynne,
Tony and I want to thank you so much for making the difficult process of finding and purchasing our new home so quick and simple! You actually listened to what we were looking for and found us many great houses to choose from. Tony really wants to thank you for taking the extra time to explain to him the whole process of purchasing his first home as well as the pros and cons of purchasing a “fixer upper.” Without you we might not have found the perfect house for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor! You are great at what you do and we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know!

Tony and Rachael North M Street, Livermore CA. 94551

December 7, 2008

“After relocating to the Bay Area, we went to a large number of open houses where the real estate agents didn’t even bother to take your name or contact information. Then we were fortunate to come across a home being previewed by Lynne Ronen. What an amazing difference! For the first time, she asked our names, was sincerely interested in knowing what we were looking to purchase and took the time to understand our needs. Our purchase needed to wait for our home on the east coast to sell, during which time Lynne was patient and continued to stay in contact with us as our situation unfolded. At last, Lynne helped us purchase a home in Livermore leveraging her extensive experience in closing on “short-sale” opportunities. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Lynne since our purchase wouldn’t have been possible without her”

William Billowitch, Staghorn St, Livermore, CA. 94550

October 24, 2008

A Short Sale Success Avoiding Foreclosure on 559 N. M Street, Livermore, Ca. 94551
My husband and I were in a situation and about to foreclose on our home when we received a flyer in our mailbox advertising Lynne Ancien-Ronen “Short Sale Specialist”. We had been trying to sell our home for over a year and had worked with several different real estate agents. I decided to call Lynne as a last ditch effort to get this monkey off of our backs, it was the best decision I have ever made. When I spoke to Lynne she wasted no time, jumped right in and took over. Although we had already been sent notice of default and were in extreme danger of the house being taken by the bank, Lynne assured us she would do everything she could to get us through this difficult time. She was a woman of her word. She worked quickly and made it easy for us every step of the way. We soon had several offers coming our way, this was the end of our nightmare. Not only did Lynne sell my house, but brought a buyer to my neighbor who has also had his house on the market for over a year. Thank you so much Lynne for all of your help and support you have assured my family a brighter financial future.

Your Friends and Forever Clients, Joshua and Brandie Pratt, Livermore, CA

Date: October 15,2008
RE: 980 Iroquois Avenue in Livermore, CA

Dear Lynne –

Please post this to your web site. After nearly three years of trying to get my sister to move from San Francisco to Livermore, it is finally going to happen, and I want everyone to know what a jewel they’d find in you, not only as a realtor, but as a human being who sincerely cares what is best for her clients and their families.

When we found you through your web site, it was on a holiday weekend, Sunday to boot. We saw an REO that looked interesting and called to inquire. Much to our surprise, you picked up the phone personally. We had made other calls to realtors that day and before and received voice mail after voice mail and left message after message, none of which were returned in a timely fashion or at all, in most cases. Well, not only did you answer your phone, you offered to show us the place IMMEDIATELY! Of course, that was a total shock because, after all, it was a holiday weekend. You seemed very eager to be of assistance, so we accepted your invitation to meet at the property within the hour. In the meantime, you had to hunt down the listing agent to get the lock box combo so we could go into the premises, but somehow you pulled it off on extremely short notice.

The house had great curb appeal and good bones, as you know, but needed a lot of work to become habitable. Still, it was still a good value, so my sister wrote an offer right then and there for list price. When the bank countered for $10,000 more, my sister wasn’t comfortable with this tactic and held firm and countered back at list. This was the first time we saw how much you believe in doing what is right for the client. The bank accepted, but had dragged its feet long enough to miss the deadline to respond, which, as luck would have it, opened up another opportunity even better!

Just at the same time the bank accepted my sister’s offer, another REO had freshly popped up in the market. It was only 24 hours old, but looked even better than the first. In spite of having a good deal in hand, you did not try to deter us from looking into it and jumped at the opportunity to screen it with me for my sister. The minute you saw it, you knew it was the perfect fit for her. Not only would it require less time and money to fix up, it was only .2 of a mile from my own home! Right then and there, pics were emailed to my sister. She liked what she saw so you, again, even with a good deal already in hand, and as risky as REO negotiations can be, you put your personal interests aside and told her in not uncertain terms to “GO FOR IT!”. REO purchases being what they are – COMPETITIVE – especially with all these cash buyers out there right now hunting for investment properties you committed to staying focused and persistent in keeping my sister’s situation in the forefront of the bank’s eye. In the meantime, your husband, Dannial, locked in a terrific rate and pre-approval for her.

In spite of the having to beat out cash buyers and the lender’s continued nitpicky demands (even though she was already pre-approved!) that your husband had to push through patiently, the house today, after a few short weeks, has been officially recorded as my sister’s!

All of these things I’ve said are absolutely true, but what is key for prospective clients to know is that as competitive and detached as the REO transaction process can be, your skilled diplomacy at shaping the bank’s personal connection to my sister made it hard for them to say “no” to her offer. This deal may have easily gone to someone else in the pile, but thanks to you, the real fun can now begin, and I’m pulling out my painting clothes and cleaning supplies to help her put her personal touches on the new place she’ll be calling home!

Thanks to you and Dannial, your mortgage consultant, for all you’ve done to make this happen!

Most Sincerely,

Meredith MacDaniel and Barbara MacDaniel

October 16, 2008 Thursday

Hey Lynne!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for working with me on closing 1462-68 Highland Blvd. in Hayward. I think you are the only transaction that closed on schedule!

It was smooth from start to finish, and it was a pleasure working with you – I hope we can work together again in the future!

Stacey Wilson